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our fleeing virgins roil to be undone
in stranger alleys.  the pressing stranger
beats his strangeness in.  a surgeon, he,
the faceless gardener, the
certain, flat answer.  the question.
her blush is cooled by morning;
she knows, of course,
or will; the stranger has gone
or will
:iconjustasksomebody:justasksomebody 3 2
the couple at denny's
they spray 'babes' like they
are either lids or lessons:
"babe, he's out of town till friday,"
"babe, i know, but leave a message."
a blonde girl my age with a rounded jaw
and a lifeless way pushes fries around
her plate.  the boy's mouth hangs open,
gaze and fingers fixed on his phone
and shoulders folded around it, neck
craned, straining.  "babe, he won't
get it until he gets in, i'll just
call him then."  she rolls her eyes
and he puts his hand on the back
of her hand; "that asshole
won't check his voicemail anyway, babe."
her wrist twists under his, a smothered
pivot to meet palms, and i Feel, again, generally,
i love them for each other
:iconjustasksomebody:justasksomebody 1 0
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Stuff and Nonsense


Avoiding sinkholes, mostly.


Only Forward - Michael Marshall Smith
I love a book in which you cannot guess the next twist. And love better the book wherein you shouldn't, but do, and then the narrator calls you a 'smartarse' for having done so. Best narrator ever. Genre-defying, exciting, freaky, esoteric, brutal, horrifying, true, fantastical - loved this to bits.

Ring - Koji Suzuki
Compared (unjustly) to Murakami, the book makes the film look better (the Japanese version, I mean; the USA film isn't nearly as good). Still, a decently creepy read if you can get past the appalling translation (or wooden writing, I'm not really sure which it is.)

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
Chick lit for morbid people. Beautiful, strange, uplifting. I also find myself suddenly obsessed with sinkholes.

The Riders - Tim Winton
This book gutted me. Gorgeous. Sad. Funny. Read it.

The Invisibles - Grant Morrison
Makes Gaiman look like kindergarten.

Focault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco
Dan Brown, for people who don't breathe through their mouths.

Some Poetry-Related Journals:

:bulletred: Derek Walcott :bulletred: Walt McDonald

:bulletred: Lord George Gordon Byron :bulletred: William Blake

:bulletred: Christopher Smart :bulletred: Maya Angelou

:bulletred: Richard Wilbur :bulletred: Robert Frost


.. after a couple of years off. Which, to be honest, have done me (and my poetry) a world of good.

For the moment, activity is confined to the PFFA:…

But hopefully I'll have some things to post to my gallery here, soon.

I'm glad my poetry's back. Feels like coming home.

Tonight I'll shave the mountain

I'll cut the hearts from pharaohs
I pull the road off of the rise
Tear the memories from my eyes

I drink a thousand shipwrecks
Tonight I'll steal your paychecks
I paint the sheets across my bed
The birds will all fly from my head

Take every dream that's breathing
Find every boot that's leaving
Shoot all the lights in the cafe
And in the morning I'll be gone


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I hope this finds you well, and wish you all the very best.

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